We are a group of individuals who are disillusioned with all of the major political parties in the United Kingdom. We are fully independent of any political group, cause or control. 

Our members come from all aspects of the political spectrum and together we believe in the traditional values of debate, compromise and tolerance to try and make our country a better place, as well as highlighting injustices and educating citizens to help them understand their fundamental right

Content Impartiality Notice

The Citizens’ Independent Network is the work of multiple contributors which, due to the our independent nature, may vary in opinion and thought. We encourage any author to backup their work with as many citied sources as possible. However, some work will be purely personal opinion.

Our aim is to identify solutions to problems through debate and by acknowledging varying points of view. 

If you read something you disagree with – Do not presume we are biased to one side of an argument, or another. We strongly welcome counter-argue and debate in a mature and concise manner.

As a simple rule, we will not have profanities, insults, threats or general hate to any individual or group. Common sense when it comes to being a civilized human being. 

No one is 100% right on everything. We can always learn from each other.

Housing Campaign Check List

CIN-NEF housing campaign check sheet

Aim: To raise awareness about the housing crisis and to propose some solutions both at national and local level.

Action: Approach media and key individuals with proposals – run campaigns if possible.

Select any action you think you can do. Better to do one thing properly than do nothing. Hopefully we can have a leaflet ready by the end of March.

Approach local shelter charity/ YMCA/ British Legion

How many Housing Associations in the area?

How many houses do they let?

How many tenant/resident associations?

How many Council Houses in the area – borough/constituency

How many Council Houses will your Council build – if not, why?

How many empty Council Houses?

How many empty private houses?

Is there any commercial property that could be converted?

Approach your local councillor with our own proposal/leaflet

Approach the leader of the council

Approach the local housing officer and housing councillor

Approach local political parties and independents

Campaign points if possible: form action committee, petition on specific case, leaflet, letters to local newspapers, interviews with local media, videos for YouTube etc.


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