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Free Money – The Parasite Class

Free money.

The UK has over two thousand billionaires and two million millionaires.

Some actually work, possibly getting a huge salary and perks for running large organisations. While some have their wealth tied up in the property they live in, hundreds of thousands live off the rents and profits extracted from the rest of the population, many of the latter living in dire poverty as a result.

This is usually done by depositing their often inherited wealth in Hedge or Mutual Funds although some of the more clever ones oversee their own investment strategies

The strata of people who live off their “capital” invested in funds are wholly passive and therefore play a purely parasitical role in society. The returns on their capital is in fact “free” money for them that comes from the profits and rents made from the rest of the people in the UK and the rest of the World some of whom live in abject poverty worse than in the UK.

This parasitical strata, made up of all races and both sexes, send their children to private or public school and most often to a Russell Group University. Over the years this strata has become a class, a parasitical class of rentiers who have absolutely nothing to do with the entrepreneurial capitalists and workers who helped create the wealth of this country.

They live off free money for which they have never have done a days work.

Most of them vote and vote Tory. Some may even give to charity to allow charity CEOs like Dave Milliband of The International Rescue Committee receive $1 million per annum.

This is the UK we live in. We need to change it to a society that rewards its contributors not one that creates a class of parasites.


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