Towards an Alternative Economic Strategy

The Citizens Independent Network which incorporates the National Economics Forum is proud to release its first document in approaching a new Economic Strategy for the United Kingdom.

Housing Campaign Check List

Aim: To raise awareness about the housing crisis and to propose some solutions both at national and local level.

A programme for regeneration: A practical look at the UK economy for the concerned citizen – Part One

The Western world is faced with an oncoming financial melt-down. The only real argument amongst financiers and governments  is whether it will be deflationary or inflationary and it looks like the latter. 

There is little or no discussion about re-building the real economy where wealth is created. Most discussion is between financiers fighting over creamed off wealth and fought over by the finance sector.

Controlling Inflation

British Bank Notes

Inflation is a deeply political subject.  For instance, the UK media tried to blame UK inflation at that time on wage increases rather than the underlying cause. Wage increases never caught up with inflation. Despite inflation over the last 12 years wages have remained largely static.

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